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Name -Mia
Breed - Akita
Age - 23months
DOB - 20/08/2014
Spayed - yes

Mia is an extremely loving and intelligent girl, who loves a cuddle and relaxing with her human family.

She loves long walks on and off lead, her recall is good as long as you keep her focus on you as she like to greet other dogs.

She has completed KC accredited Basic training, she is house trained and knows a selection of tricks and is eager to learn new tricks all the time. She is clicker and voice trained.

She walks well on the lead as long as you don't let her get away with pulling.

She loves a game of fetch, tug and loves playing with the flirt pole (pole with a toy on the end for chasing).

She can be hard mouthed and can nip when she gets excited but when told and re directed she stops.

She has started getting used to a tactical vest for weight carry and harness for weight pull.

She is an amazing girl but definitely not for a novice dog owner she needs attention and time to get the best potential out of her. Mental stimulation and exercise is very important for Mia. She is crate trained but would prefer to not be in it and when she has had enough will bark to come out.

She is loose Lead trained, will wear a head collar and is muzzle trained.

She has lived in a home with children, dogs and cats. She is great with children and loves to play and have a fuss. She likes it to be on her terms so needs to live with dog savvy children as she will warn you when she has had enough and take herself off on her own. She has lived with other dogs but has recently taken a dislike to the older dog in the home. So it is best that she lives as an only dog or with a very submissive male. She is still working on food aggression issues, can get possessive of toys and her people but only with other dogs. This can be managed around dogs she likes and gets on with. Slow introductions are very important with Mia, she will play very rough so big dogs are best suited for her.

She is a very dominant girl and likes to have things her own way. Although she has lived with cats, she doesn't get on well with them so would rather not live with them, unless they are completely separate and very dog savvy cats, as Mia will chase and catch given the opportunity. The same with other small furry animals it would be best to have a home without for their own safety.

She is a beautiful girl with masses of potential, she will be the perfect companion for someone who is willing to keep working with her to keep her focused and learning. She has so much more to learn and will be amazing at anything she is put to, she is loyal and loving.

We have to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome her, due to the circumstances with our older dog. We don't feel it's fair to keep her as her quality of life and his isn't the best it can be having to rotate them and keep them separate for the rest of her life.

Please note: Advertisement and information provided by Mia's current owners. Rokushii-Akitas accepts no responsibility for the listing








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