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Rokushii Akita RoxyMy name is Sarah. I live in a small village in East Sussex. In the early days I did not drive and there was no public transport, I was a very reluctant walker and relied heavily on friends and family, although they were not around all the time. If I needed anything I had to walk to our local store, the long walk had beautiful scenery but it was so quiet my daughters used to fall asleep in the pushchair and I would be left talking to myself. I passed lots of people walking with dogs and thought maybe if I got a furry friend it would break the silence and add more enjoyment and excitement to our walks and we would have a companion.

After a lot of long discussions and deep thought, we decided a dog would be a valuable addition to our family. We researched into many breeds but found it difficult to find one that really appealed to and suited our family. However as a result of our research and after a lengthy decision making process we decided that an Akita bitch would be an positive asset to our family and so the hunt for a well respected breeder began. Owning our first canine completely changed our lives as we began attending dog shows and breeding our prize winning dogs.

The long and hard work really paid off as we found Danti Akitas and found our perfect girl Roxy - Danti's Foxy Lady. Roxy has been an inspiration to our family and we have learnt so much from her, she is the foundation of Rokushii Akitas and without her we would not exist.

Sadly our beautiful Roxy suffered a short illness and is no longer with us - we all miss her a great deal.

We now currently love and enjoy Akitas, Alaskan Malalmutes and Japanese Shiba Inu's. We exhibit them at both open and championship shows.


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